Amazon’s Jeff Bezos claims ‘consistency of thought’ is a bad thing.*

According to Bezos, the smartest people are constantly revising their understanding, and reconsidering a problem they thought had already been solved.

Why is this important to your business?

Creative and objective thinking is needed if we are to navigate the digital world. Doing things the same way again and again will only provide you with the same results.

For digital transformation to occur, we need to embrace a new way of thinking.

We should all be constantly questioning ourselves and searching for better solutions.

Yes, drawing up pen-and-paper plans for a building might be the easiest way. It is the way we have always done things – but it is not the smartest way.

It’s also not collaborative.

A digital approach allows necessities such as building plans and Piping and Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs) to be accessed communally by all involved in the project. These can also be used in the creation of a digital twin (more information can be found here) which will give you the ability to have a true predictive maintenance schedule in the future.

Did you know that 80% of the lifetime cost of an asset is service and maintenance?** Intelligent asset management is the most effective way to strategically lower your lifetime service and maintenance costs.

Digital twin would not have been possible with consistent thinking. Jeff Bezos is right – we can only move forward if individuals can ‘climb out of the details’ and see the bigger picture.

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** ‘Life Cycle Costs’ by Byron A. Ellis
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