For the first instalment of the blog, we look at Design Thinking: what it means, and what it involves.


Design thinking is a methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. It is disciplined, creative and focused on the outcome.

Design thinking is just as it sounds: thinking like a designer. This style of thinking is vital in developing products, services, processes and strategy.

The process of design thinking involves five phases:



This structure helps to identify the solution the user is looking for. You empathise your users and their needs before defining their issue. You ideate by challenging assumptions and creating ideas for innovative solutions. The prototype is a start to creating solutions before they are tested.

These phases enables you to define the solution.

A common mis-perception is that design thinking is common sense and therefore engineers can master it easily. This is not always the case.

Creativity is equally as important.

After all – without creative thinking we can’t have innovation.

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