Making asset intelligence visible, accessible and useful.


Achieving Predictive

Advisory and Augmentation services to extract asset intelligence. works with you to:

• Connect measurable business objectives to Strategic & Discipline Asset Management Plans [SAMP /D-AMPs] then translate plans to work.

• Uncover what needs to be measured, how the data is collected and how to convert the data into information for decision making.

• Make clear what comprises life-cycle cost, whole of life-cycle cost and life-cycle value.

• Drive evidence-based multi-disciplinary collaboration. Data alone cannot predict, people are and will continue to be critical.

Customer Journey

Advisory and Augmentation services to design and implement digital operating models. works with you to:

• Translate customer/citizen centric business objectives into core business practice and processes to drive new digital behaviours.

• Build simulation-capable, integrated technology and core business process models, a facsimile of your organisation.

• Develop the backbone that makes people feel secure and safe in your environments & precincts.


Implementation Confidence

Advisory service designed to sensitively upskill decision makers, leaders and subject matter experts in what it means to embark on:

• Going digital. Digital is many things, it is a significant endeavour, foundations must change.

• Being Agile. The principles of Agile have been around for years, its roots are in software development. Applying Agile to business projects and programmes or convergence requires mature expertise & experience.

• Organisation transformation and re-design including how rolling multi-year interventions stay the course and achieve the outcomes.

Modelling Design & Integrity

Information models are organisational assets. specialise in looking after the integrity and relevance of models, specifically:

• Building/Facility/Asset critical Information Management [bcIM] – we design for interoperability / IT-OT convergence, manage data integrity through the construct phase, provide value-add analytics and data integrity during the operate & maintain phases.

• Business process Information Management [bpIM] – we design for business & technology process convergence, connect policy & standards during the build phase and provide value-add analytics and data integrity during the operate & maintain phases.

Case Study:


How to link customer journey & experience with Strategic Asset Management objectives.

This problem was in the context of a recurrent annual spend of $1b+ on maintenance that was not delivering a stable, reliable rail service.

The aim was to enable sustainable asset lifecycle value while reducing recurrent spend.


Build a business architecture that traced the technology solution that overlaid the business practice and process.

Embedded into the architecture Practice Standards for; production of strategic asset management plans, discipline & class asset management plans; shutdowns / possessions a systems attitude so that major, routine and ad hoc maintenance activity could be optimised; condition monitoring, focusing attention of capturing critical data and information in the work order; linking strategic objectives to discipline asset management plan; integrated project delivery and front-end loading of major periodic maintenance.

To fulfill my responsibility, I had to balance immediate technology deliverables with the future digital target operating model. The base technology had limitations so bespoke asset management optimisation solution requirements had to be defined, solutions identified, proof of concepts completed and purchases made.

Case Study:
Complex Mining


Six suppliers providing $10b+ in project services but were unable to meet the contractual reporting requirements.

The Customer could not get the suppliers to comply so they taught and coached them, this is novel.


The Customer contractual requirements were listed, what they expected to see through the governance process plus what the results and outputs looked like.

From this stance incumbent standards were updated and translated to training materials; a pack for managers and a pack for practitioners.

Some 127 Suppliers plus Client personnel were trained.

Case Study:
Complex Manufacturing


How to transition from a complex manufacturer to asset manager.

The technologies were configured around manufacturing, not service.

The business processes did not readily translate and had to be reinvented to enable contractual compliance, i.e., to give the Client what they wanted.


The solution included re-configuring the technology to better fit the customer requirement.

New processes and procedures were developed in concert with the Customer.

Reporting details were worked with the Customer to ensure that they not only got what they were asking for but also understood the limitations of technology and data access.

Project Recovery